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Vintage Workshop® Milano 26th ed., new location and dates February 2011

Vintage Workshop® Milano* changes its seat and moves to a closer location to the Fiera Milano City central fair headquarters, the Hotel Portello of Via G. Silva 12, just in front of the Colleoni gate at the fair MilanoUnica and at foot distance from the Milan Convention Center that will host Anteprima.
The Vintage accessories exhibition with a totally new headline "Trends Forecasts" will open the first day of the Milano fashion weeks on Tuesday, February 15h and close next day Wednesday the 16th.
The admission will be free with opening times from 9 a.m. through to 9 p.m.

Since last year, Vintage Workshop® , with its connotations of special independent show, has become Partner of "Milano Fashion City", the exclusive harmonization project co-ordinated by the Milan Chamber of Commerce and involving over 45 leading protagonists - fairs, shows and special events - from the remarkable fashion system. From February, 15th to March 9th the city will leave with creativity, the energy of business, and the intrigue of the newest trends. For all reference, you can quote the official web site:

The Vintage Workshop® is a collective exhibition particularly devoted to original period accessories of a high stylistic and creative meaning, the ideal show for both Vintage fashion addicts, connoisseurs and fashion professionals who visit it coming from Italy and from abroad to research and focus their future collections, often joining the visit of the nearby Milanounica and Anteprima Pelle fairs too.

At the Hotel Portello-Minihotel thousands of Vintage accessories, shoes, purses, belts, buckles, costume jewellery and other accessories which complement clothing (hats, swimwear, corsetry, ties, scarves, little fancy leather items) will be exhibited by a team of expert dealers and collectors who are members of the organizing Italian Association of the Vintage Fashion Hunters. The merchandise is hunted all over Italy but also in every Continent wherever they find interesting unique stuff.
The inside "Hall Silva" is an intimate refined exhibiting hall where visitors will have the chance to watch everything in a friendly discrete ambiance, far from overflowing and depersonalized or anonymous shows typical of the big expos. A small location where every visitor will be a special guest, beginning from the hospitality desk where everyone will be welcome with a quick registration and a little gift gadget, to the inside staff that will be available to guide in the visit or answer any questions.

Among the summer accessories presented, a particular attention will be given to both leather and fabrics, especially canvas, raffia, rope, different plastics, all original Vintage items that have the characteristics of being unique or rare, inspiring different creative hints and ideas and that have not been revised or revamped in present days yet.
Among the themes for the future trends some novelties will be emphasized as the combinations of row natural materials together with artificial and synthetic ones: for instance cork/fabric/metal, rubber/leather, wool textured with wax or plastic yarns or coated by shiny lacquer.
A special evidence will also be given to accessories of maritime reminiscence like nautical ropes and nets as well as wood combined to grain cowhide.

Copyright Vintage Workshop® Italy 2011

* Vintage Workshop® is organized in Milano every season each February and September and offers a high-quality selection of research Vintage, not to miss especially by very keen demanding people who favour quality on quantity. The show is open to all public and fashion pros and beside a rich selection of accessories on sale it will include a special space dedicated to several archive exemplars, rare and unusual, particularly indicated to be rented by designers and for photo shootings.

Vintage Workshop® themes and S/S 2012 trends proposals:

handmade and handicraft processing; natural raw materials worked by means of either manual manufacturing or the production of artisan looks; much care in details and finishing.

Hazard brilliant colours and uncommon materials: use of bright solid colours, especially for monochromatic accessories. Neon and fluo shades are applied only for details and accents superimposed on all one colour backgrounds, especially for the street-wear.
Unusual juxtapositions and uncommon combinations of natural materials mixed together with artificial ones daring a new urban ultra-modern look.

Ethno Space:
clear plastics and acrylics, iron-coloured plastic coating and silver tinted leathers, chains, rings and metal studs of different sizes and shapes. Modular structures quoting Paco Rabanne but primarily taken from the previous studies of modular rodohid, metal plaques and disks originated in the America of the Forties. The Space Age Era of the Sixties with synthetic materials mixed together with touches and accents of natural materials as memories of the past but also as future for the "survivors" of the Third Millennium. Tribal, ethnic appearances and post-modern look are fused together.

Nautical: ropes, drawstrings, nets and wires of maritime and nautical recall.

Elegance does not meet ostentation: sober and clean shapes, essential lines and styles, luxury reliable and valuable materials for a very refined look, sometimes snob but never affected.

Copyright Vintage Workshop® Italy 2011


VINTAGE WORKSHOP® Milano S/S 2012 Trends Forecasts Dates: February 15th - 16th 2011
Opening times: 9 a.m./9 p.m. (non-stop)
Sede: Hotel Portello-Minihotel, Via G. Silva 12, 20149 MILANO
Admission: free
Infoline only during the events: +39-339-6729704 (preferably send a text message to request info). Reception desk Hotel Portello : +39-02-4814944
Organizers contact e-mail: info [at]
Further info:
Italian Association of the Vintage Fashion Hunters official Web site
HOW TO REACH THE VINTAGE WORKSHOP® in Milano: please refer to this special link with maps and directions in English language:

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